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Friday, September 3, 2010

It can ony happen to me: Stories of my first car.

This is the story of a car. A car out to get me.Bought and paid for in cash, my first car should have been loyal. But things turned ugly fast.

This was the first incident i had with this car. I had just gotten out of work not 10 seconds and am on the highway. Wanna get home fast so im driving like 60. A sudden hear a clanking sound coming from the front of the car. Then the unspeakable happens.

My hood flies open. While im driving. 60 MPH.My first reaction was

Where did my hair go?

I quickly gain composure and start to do some quick thinking. I stick my head out the window and look for the nearest place to stop. Ah a gas station is a about fifty feet away. so i slow down and drive like nothing is wrong. using  the little visible gap left by the hood on my now broken windshield, I coast into the station.

I stop and laugh. What else can I do? I didn't get killed so no worries. Slam the dented hood down, use some rope i have in back to keep it down and head home.

I do eventually get that part sort of fixed, but it happens again later on. at the moment the hood is replaced but the little grabber is broken so it wont stay closed, but a little rope is there just in case.


  1. That sucks! My first car, also bought in full, ended up committing suicide and lighting itself on fire after I got home from work one evening. It sucked!

  2. LOL, homer is awesome.

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  3. At least you have a car, I still have to take public transit.

  4. that must have been terrifying.

  5. Homer is STILL awesome.

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  10. glad to see you're beating inertia today!

  11. oooo man i would have crapped my pants if that had happened to me. good thing youre ok.